Physical Security

We are the only Business Group in the Dominican Republic that provides comprehensive solutions, in terms of Security and Logistics, through the combined use of specialized and trained human resources, first-rate infrastructure and equipment, and access, through our strategic partnerships with allies. international, of the latest technologies that are setting trends worldwide.

Service of female and male security officers at the national level, cleared of police and prosecutorial records, who have passed the corresponding psychological tests and have been trained in human relations, proper use of force, first aid, firefighting, emergency protocol , and use of firearms, as well as specialized training adjusted to the risks that our clients face.

We innovate by providing high technology to the traditional surveillance service, increasing security in the procedures of our guards and providing our clients with a different surveillance.

Security officer 2.0 is a physical security service without a firearm, provided by qualified personnel, connected to our monitoring center through a communication radio, with supervision rounds by a motorized patrol and automatic notifications to the client of each supervision. and news in your service.

Our Motorized Rounds service seeks to prevent the risk of vandalization of properties through the visit of a patrol that supervises the specified facilities to provide support in case of incidents. It has been shown that the intermittent visits and viewing of apparently uninhabited or unprotected areas works effectively as a deterrent in the antisocial.

Protection service for high-profile personalities such as politicians, businessmen and famous people. Trained personnel who evaluate and try to minimize the risk to customers, their belongings and property, preventing them from being damaged.