Electronic Security through A24 ALARMA 24

We are the leading company in the development of technological solutions and electronic security services in the country that guarantee an efficient response to eventualities.

We provide fundamental support in the prevention and control of loss and risks with high-tech products from exclusive brands that we represent in the country.

Installation of alarm systems in places in your home or business that are considered important from a security point of view and that are connected to the A24 ALARMA 24 Monitoring Center.

Access control systems are the most demanded technology in the current market, we have migrated from mechanical systems and with specialized personnel, to having fully automated entry and exit control processes with different types of technologies and devices.

Among the advantages that access control gives you are:

  • Entrance and Exit Control
  • Increased Security and Control of the Public
  • Savings in Personnel Costs
  • Decrease in Registration Time
  • Improvement in Staff Productivity
  • Allow/Restrict Door Opening

Our offer includes options appropriate to what you want to control:

  • Personnel Control: With an attendance control system with a fingerprint reader or with proximity cards or codes, the company can keep exact control of all the hours worked and therefore the productivity of the employees .
  • Pedestrian Access Control; With the use of turnstiles or barriers you will be able to have control of all the personnel that transits in a public or private space, ensuring the passage of people who have free transit and restricting the passage of unauthorized persons.
  • Visitor control: By having a visit control system, you will be able to keep a record of visitors to your offices, including photos and details of the visit, in addition to being able to restrict access to unauthorized offices by assigning a temporary access.

We install systems following the regulations for safety and fire protection of the Dom. Rep. Decree No. 85-11. We include the following devices:

  • Smoke Detectors: To detect all types of fires and protect lives, buildings and properties.
  • Linear Smoke Detectors: For detection in high places in halls, museums, shopping centers, etc.
  • Flame Detectors: For indoor and outdoor flame detection.
  • Air Testers: For smoke and fire detection in closed environments.
  • Linear Heat Detectors: For detection and monitoring of heat in places subject to interference, such as tunnels, railways, subways, etc.

We design and install automatic fire suppression systems to protect your company effectively and reliably, from sprinkler systems to gaseous agent extinguishing systems.

We offer the connection of the alarm system of your commercial premises or residence, with our computerized central anywhere in the country. The alarm system will send signals of robbery, fire, robbery or panic to the central computer and we will send an armed patrol to assist you in any possible emergency.

Complementary assistance by Dominican Watchman in the event of any type of eventuality and notification by the Monitoring Center.