We are the leading company in the development of technological solutions and electronic security services in the country that guarantee an efficient response to eventualities.

Access control systems are the technology with the most demand in the current market, we have migrated from mechanical systems and with specialized personnel, to having fully automated entry and exit control processes with different types of technologies and devices.< /p>

  • Readers with facial recognition.
  • Perimeter systems.
  • Vehicle barriers.
  • Tourniquets.
  • Cameras with artificial intelligence.
  • Intrusion alarm.
  • Fire detection and suppression.
  • Building automation.

Defense methods based on security resources where strategic perimeters to be monitored are established.< /p>

  • Electrified meshes.
  • Fiber optics.
  • Intercoms.
  • X-ray equipment.
  • Metal detectors.
  • Audio.